Hayden Synchro Dynasty Gala

We held our Hayden Synchro Dynasty Gala yesterday evening in Cambridge, MA celebrating the 40th year of existence of the Hayden Synchronized Skating Teams Inc. organization.  We paid tribute to all of the Haydenettes alumni who attended and shared experiences from the past.  We also celebrated the amazing contribution of Gail Hanson-Mayer, president of the organization, and to her dedication to the sport of synchronized skating and to the hundreds of skater's whose lives she touched throughout the years.  The event was also attended by Ashley Wagner, the evening's guest speaker who offered an outstanding speech about the effort required when committing to a goal, and to her admiration of our great sport.  Congratulations to Jill Felton, our Board member for organizing such an impressive event and to David Brofsky for the 40 year Anniversary video.