Mini Mates

2017-18 Mini Mates
2017-18 Mini Mates

Isabella Alvarez, Amelia Ash, Sara Campos, Madeline Cheng, Cherie Chin, Zoe Gray, Miu Hagio, Nari Kang, Alexa Kennedy, Jessica Liu, Abby Lucas, Allison Ma, Camilla Manz, Ava Monaco, Medha Morparia, Erika Oue, Chloe Pan, Anastasia Porfido, Samantha Shick, Irene Sohn, Anthony Ying, Mika Zelikov, and Grace Zhou.

Head coach:  Kendra Flanagan
Free skate program: Beetlejuice

Hayden Synchronized Skating's juvenile-level athletes, the Mini Mates, compete both regionally and nationally. They are the 2018 Eastern Sectional Silver Medalists and the 2018 U.S. National Gold Medalists. Mini Mates athletes range in age from 10 to 12, practice three times per week, and several on the team will have completed the senior moves in the field test by season end. Each season, it is the team's mission to earn medals at Sectionals and Nationals while perfecting the skills necessary to move up to teams in the intermediate or novice divisions. The Mini Mates give back to the community through volunteer work and have participated in charitable fund raisers and food collection to support the Lexington Food Pantry and the Jimmy Fund.