Tryouts Schedule

2018-19 Season Schedule

Tryouts at Hayden Synchronized Skating include both Skills & Drills session(s) and a Placement (Tryout) session.  For most teams, attendance at the Skills & Drills session(s) is required.  When a Skills & Drills session is not required, it is highly recommended.  The Placement session will include an on-ice portion, an off-ice fitness assessment, and a parent informational meeting.  Video tryouts are not accepted.

Attire for the Skills & Drills sessions is black skating pants/leggings and snug-fitting, warm layers.  Attire for the Placement session is a skating dress and tights (females) or black skating pants and snug-fitting layers (males).  Long hair should be placed in a bun or neat ponytail.

While Skills & Drills sessions at the New England Sports Center may be viewable from windows in the lobby outside the ice arena, all Placement sessions at any facility are closed sessions and not viewable by parents.

Learn about tryout registration here.

There are no upcoming tryouts at this time. Check back soon.